Saturday, February 25, 2012

Playing Around

Since this is one of the mildest winter's here in Kansas, we have been able to do a lot of things outside. This is just one of those days, I was able to catch on camera. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, and at a brisk 45 degrees in the sun, about 37 degrees in the shade, we decided to take advantage of all our "outdoor" toys. The kids were riding bikes while I was trying to keep up and take some pictures. We are surprising them when we get back from Disney with a trampoline, so I will be sure to post pix. of that experience:) Have a great week everyone!

Monday, February 13, 2012


We actually got our first "measure" of snow! (It actually counted in the books, a little over 2 inches). My kids still had school today, but I was excited to shovel it off the driveway. (I know I'm weird). I have never done that before, and now I can say I have. It has been snowing on/off throughout the day thus far, and when Hailey and Josh got home from school they were able to use our sleds on REAL snow not just grass/snow. Josh got cold too quickly, so he wanted to come in and watch a movie with his "Best Mom ever". How can I argue with that? All the kids from the neighborhood gathered behind our house to have fun on the hill. I snagged a picture of them having a snow ball fight:) Good Memories, and a lot of fun to boot. The best part is, they will sleep good tonight:) Earlier in the day I took the girls to the Commissary and I have never seen it so deserted! I counted 6 cars in the parking lot. We decided to build a snowman hero as the girls called him (hence the photo up top). I thought it was so cute, their sized version of how tall a snowman is:) I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day tomorrow, and I will be sharing a heart-shaped pizza with my 4 hot dates tomorrow night as David has to work a 12 hour shift again at the hospital. Aren't you jealous??