Monday, November 29, 2010


Tonight for FHE we decorated the Christmas tree. The kids had a lot of fun. I got smart this year and bought some plastic balls, so no broken glass everywhere! also this past weekend David was able to decorate the outside with lights all a'glow. He even braved the higher part of the roof, just over the girls' bedroom. Way to go Babe!
Here is some pix. of our family fun...minus David unfortunately he had to work. We ended the night with Home Alone 2 and some homemade popcorn from my mom's Christmas gift she gave me last year. Happy Holidays!

Unfortunately my car is blocking the bushes where there is a netting of lights over them.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


My girls are doing great in Pre-School, Josh is soaring in kindergarten(academically any way), and Hailey is becoming such a beautiufl young and vibrant lady. I am so tahnkful for my Husband who works so hard for us, to keep us afloat and happy financially as much as possible. I really feel blessed. One of my favorite things I still get is "homemade" crafts from the kids. The girls now have started, and it makes me smile from ear to ear knowing they are so proud of their work. I love my family and am so grateful you guys are in my life=-)
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

See if you can you tell whose little hand is whose!

Josh is learning about "The First Thanksgiving". He had to put together a book describing it for his family. They also learned two songs about the Pilgrims.(Sorry it is a little blurry)

This last clip is of Joshua singing...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Laie Hawaii Temple

Today was the temple re-dedication, and President Monson, President Eyring, Quentin L. Cook, and Elder Walker from the seventy were all here speaking at the temple. It was a great and humbling experience to know that my "little" two hour contribution of time helped make fellow members and on-lookers have an enjoyable experience at one of the most beautiful places on earth. My family and I went through it on Veteran's Day, and it gave me such a sense of security, and warmth to know I have another place I can come to in a time of need. President Eyring's talk I think I loved the most because he named three things we should always do/remember when going through the temple. Gratitude, Light of understanding, and to feel the love of God. It is always up for interpretation, but I especially thought about the Light of understanding and how it applies to myself in that to have a greater light and knowledge from within, I need to have a better understanding of the scriptures and the Lord from the inside out.
President Monson is one of my favorite Prophets (besides President Kimball) because he almost always relates a story or a personal thought to his talks. This time he opened with "Temples are built through trials, tears, and testimonies." I loved that! I am so glad that Hailey and I got to go together to share the experience.
When our family went on Veteran's Day, I decided to TRY and get some photos of us in our Christmas clothes to put on our Christmas card we send out. Well, as you can see above Josh went from bad to worse when it came time to look our best. The kids actually did great through the temple and even for the video, but it was almost 2 o'clock in the afternoon, and they hadn't eaten lunch, and even though I promised them all McDonald' was to no avail. They were done! So here is what I got much to my dismay, and yet I will always remember that at least we did it together.

This is actually my favorite pix. I took. David is right in front of these three holding Audrey

Thursday, November 18, 2010

5th Grade Science Fair

The fifth graders at Hailey's elementary school had a science fair this year, and Hailey (to my surprise) was really excited about it. She chose her topic (with the help of her Dad), and after 6 weeks of experimenting and watering, she won 2nd place! We are so proud of her accomplishment! They had judges come around and ask questions. It had to fit into 3 sub-divisions/categories. If it met the criteria for the scientific method, if the Hypothesis was clearly stated and/or had the proper research to back it up, and finally if it was followed through by data analysis/and conclusion. Each class had four winners, 2 that went to District, one "WOW" factor winner, and a Kid's Choice award winner. Hailey won the "WOW" factor for her class. (Meaning they "Wowed" the judges with either the experiment in itself/or with the data they collected,etc.) Plus, the added A+ for the assignment didn't hurt either=-) Here are some pictures from the night. Oh! I almost forgot to say what it was on...Her hypothesis question was" What is the effect of two different light sources on plants?" She did Florescent lighting and sunlight. The results actually were quite interesting, the ones under florescent light did not grow "up" but rather in width,(to catch as much light as possible. One of the plants actually started to grow to the side!)Plus, not peppers or chili's grew on them at all. The ones outside grew straight up and grew three chili's on one plant, and a little green pepper on the other. Way to go my Hailey bug!

This is Hailey and her teacher Mrs. Rios.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Avery and Audrey's BIG Day!!

My girls started pre-school today, and it was scary/emotional/fun/exciting for all three of us to say the least. Audrey is the one who I was worried about and she made Mommy so proud! We started talking to them the whole last week about "going to school", and how they get there, and what they will bring, and what to expect, etc. So today, they got up and were excited to get dressed, and wear their "new" backpacks to school. We get there, and everyone is very welcoming and nice. Their teachers names are "Auntie Beth", and "Ms. Josephina". Avery went right in and waved good-bye to us as if she had been doing it her whole life! (I think because they were serving breakfast right when we got there, it got her excited to be there.) Audrey was O.K. but when there wasn't a seat next to her sister, she kind of backed off and wanted me to stay. We talked for a little bit, and she was a little unsure. I was afraid to leave her, but they said to call @ 10a.m. to check. (School is from 8-noon everyday.) I called and they said she was doing great, reading a book and she apparently found the "dress up" clothes, so she was good to go. When I picked them up, they couldn't wait to tell me everything they did, so that was wonderful! My girls are definitely growing up..I am not quite sure how I feel about it, whether to be happy and excited for my new found 3 1/2 hours of freedom, but also sad that I don't have my little buddies with me.
Here are some pix. from the "BIG" day!
This is right before we left the house...
This is just half of the school. It actually looks like a big "U" shape. Plus a big playground on the side. It is in the middle of a whole bunch of farms.
Their classroom is up these stairs, they look so happy!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Joshua Neil Sobek

My little guy turns 6 years old in just a few hours, and I was reminiscing with him about when he was little...I asked him what he remembers most about growing up and he said "Was I always so funny to you Mom?" He was so cute, and smart and curious. I went into labor with Josh while seeing the movie the "Polar Express" in the movie theater on Veteran's Day , and he was born @ 2:06a.m. the next morning. I love my little guy more than the world. He says some of the funniest things, my favorite to this day is "Mom, I am using my thinking cap!" I love it that he still likes to cuddle, and that he sucks his thumb when he is tired. I love it that I can ask for kisses regularly and he will give them. I love when he laughs really hard so that his nose scrunches up, but most of all I am truly blessed that I have such a character in my life! Here are some of my favorite photos of my Joshua, for he will forever be my little guy at heart=-)

I know, the date is wrong on this pix..

Monday, November 8, 2010

JPO in Training...

Hailey has been trying to get on what is called JPO~Junior Police Officer at school. She applied at the beginning of the year, but because she wasn't 10 yet, she has not been notified. They have guidelines and "special" privilages/parties they get throughout the year but among other things you have to keep your grades up, and be able to walk to and from school by yourself (on post you have to be 10) . They are in charge of the crosswalks by the school and they rotate postitions before and after school, so early in the a.m. and later in the p.m. I have been leary to let her walk by herself especially in the morning because traffice is crazy and she has to cross this one really busy intersection. Well, she was asked while I was on vacation to "officially" be an alternate, and tomorrow is her first time!! She is beyond excitied! She was in the school picture which will be in the yearbook, but she is in the front row. I will post more pix of catching her in action!! Way to go Hailey=-)