Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Holidays

The girls are saying "hello" to everyone!
I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! I don't know if the news traveled that far, but we had the ENTIRE island of Oahu without power this past Friday, the day after Christmas! The airport was closed, (yes, closed for approximately 2 hours before running on 2/3rd's power). 900,000 people were in the dark including President elect Barrack Obama. It was definitely one for the books! The hospitals were one of the only ones with generators...I thought being on a military base it would be prepared for something like that, but no we were just as much out of luck as the next person. We had a sleepover for the kids in Josh's room, while David and I were up because we were able to hear every little sound imaginable. I bet he is glad I have invested in so many candles! (ha, ha)

On a better note, Christmas day the girls' favorite gift came from Kasey...those sunglasses were too cute, and needless to say, they kept putting them on and taking them off all day long! I snagged a couple of pics to show everyone.

Plus there are some of them on Hailey's bigwheel that she got about 3 years ago. No matter where Audrey is in the backyard, she heads straight for it, and climbs right into the drivers seat!

Avery doesn't like the way her sister drives apparently!

By the way, for all of my fans....I am finally getting hair!

Hope everyone has a great New Years' and remember we are still missing everyone!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Husband Tag

I was tagged by Natalie, so here it goes!

David's 5 things he loves:
1. Chicago Bears
2. Chicago Cubs (see a pattern yet?)
3. Pizza and Chinese food
4. His precious video games (no hostility here!)
5. His family

5 things on His to-do list
1. Hanging up the rest of the pictures
2. Switching off the diaper duty (this is a continual thing)
3. Picking up after himself
4. Fixing the shower-head in the kids' bathroom
5. Always telling his wife how beautiful she is (ha,ha)

5 Snacks he loves
1. Pizza
2. Ice cream
3. Pie
4. Twix candy bars
5. Mint brownies

5 facts you may not know
1. He speaks fluent Tagalog
2. He loves Thurs. night T.V.
3. He has always wanted to backpack through Europe
4. He wishes It's a Wonderful Life was on everyday
5. He was captain of his football team in High School

5 Places he has lived
1. Riverside, CA
2. Menifee, CA
3. Philippines (various places on his mission)
4. Hemet, CA
5. Hawaii

5 Quirky things about him
1. He has a big heart
2. He blinks twice before he sneezes
3. He licks his lips when he's hungry or nervous
4. He loves playing baseball with our son
5. He pretends to be asleep to avoid conversation with anyone!

5 people to tag
1. Angie
2. Kasey
3. Jennifer
4. Emily
5. Laurie

Have fun!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

O.K. so yesterday I got a TWO new callings in church...compassionate service leader for the military side of the ward, and a Primary teacher for the 7/8 yr.olds. I am excited but hesitant at the same time because I'm not too sure as to what to expect for the R.S. calling. I've always wanted to do that, so now I get the chance! I hope everyone is doing well, and remember...we are just a phone call or blog away!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Come, All Ye Faithful

This week has been full of excitement and anticipation for my little ones, knowing that Christmas is around the corner! It is a little sad for David and I knowing that our family cannot be with us during this special time of year, but we know we will see everyone soon. Let's see, so far I have gotten a new job, (a delivery driver for Papa John's, I know, I know, I'm a revived 18 year old at heart l.o.l.) I forgot my daughter at school on minimum day, ( I owed her hot chocolate, and extra attention for a week...I got off pretty lucky!! I felt like the worst parent ever), and we have to evict our renters in California. Wow! Are we lucky or what?? No, but seriously; we know the Lord works in mysterious ways, and we ARE blessed to have our family safe and healthy.
Here is a picture of my four precious little ones in front of our gorgeous Christmas tree.

This picture is after it rained for 4 days straight. It flooded our PX, and Wal-mart. We are grateful it has finally stopped!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

O.K. so our ward Christmas party was last night, and I mistakenly thought it was going to be fine since it was the girls' bedtime. Granted it started an hour later than it was supposed to, but WAS horrible because it was the girls' bedtime! Not to mention the fact that Hailey and Josh got kicked in the face in the jolly jump. F.Y.I. kids over the age of eight should not be allowed to jump with little ones! So, there are no pictures with Santa (much to Hailey's dismay) this unfortunately is the best I got....
Remember those mischievous little hands??? I caught them in action!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

O.K. so I know some of you would like to see what our house looks like, especially on here are just a FEW pictures I took since we were able to hang Christmas lights for the first time! We were slightly disappointed though to find out they are aluminum siding; so you have to use S hooks to hang them, and we didn't have enough lights even if we wanted too. BUT that is what after-Christmas sales are for right? Next year will be bigger and better! Unfortunately, you can't see the luster of the lights, but try to imagine a little pool of water under the tiny little tree and about 500 lights around the bushes. We're still pretty proud!!!!

As for the Christmas tree...I decided to let Hailey and Josh decorate it. We decided not to hang up a lot of glass balls due to four mischievous little hands, so this is the final product. Pretty homely right? I wouldn't publish it as great or anything, but have to admit my kids have some creativity!