Saturday, July 31, 2010

Soccer Season

Josh and Hailey started another season of soccer, and it is in full swing! They each have had two games, and my little man scored once at each game!! I am so proud of how aggressive he is out on the field! Hailey's team"The Furies" are in all black this year, and although they have lost both games, she is still improving every season she plays, I am very proud of her determination. She has been placed as a "forward" although I think she likes "fullback" best. Josh's team "The Fire Dragons" are doing ok, they have some kids on the team who know what they are doing, so that is definitely a plus! Josh has been a forward, but kind of wanders to where HE feel he is best needed. He helps out the goalie a lot, and then he is right up there in front to get the ball away from the other team. He shows no sign of hesitation when it comes to the ball so that is good too. Here are some pix. from his last game, I haven't had a chance to take pictures of Hailey yet, but I will post them when I get them.
Here they are warming up before the game...

He has decided to lay low and help out the goalie...

He is #9 and his jersery says "Josh". This year they got to choose nicknames if they wanted for the back of their Jerseys, instead of just last names.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

One CRAZY Week!!!

My mom flew home with Hailey and we have been on the go ever since! Thursday we came home from the airport, planned the week, and started in right away. We have cleaned/organized/and moved around almost my whole house!! I feel like I actually MOVED my family with all the work that we have done! Friday we went shopping, and Hailey and Josh had soccer practice that night. David's cousin Edie got married here on Saturday so I showed them around the island from 8 a.m. until 7:30p.m. when we took them to the airport. Sunday was the WORST day known to man for church. It started out with Josh deciding to hose his twin sisters down with water 20 minutes before we had to leave. It proceeded with Avery pulling the fire alarm as soon as we got to church. Then Avery was so terrible during Sacrament that when I took her outside, a woman asked me if I was her parent or teaching a class! I cried at that point, and NO the day wasn't over yet. Audrey caught her foot in the door and was bleeding all over the place as we were leaving. Monday we went to the pool, Tuesday we went to the Water park; Wednesday we went to the swap meet, Thursday we went bowling, Friday we stayed at home to finish projects, Saturday my mom went with David and Hailey snorkeling after we re-arranged the garage, and Monday we went to Bellows. WHEW!!
In between all of that we changed Josh's room, organized the girls room, got Hailey's tooth fixed at the Dentist, moved our game room into the garage, had three soccer practices for Hailey and Josh, one birthday party, moved all my Christmas decor upstairs. Plus de-cluttered and got things ready for our next garage sale!!
Does it make you tired just reading this???
I do not think anyone could have fit anything else into 10 days like we did!!!
Here are some pictures from our fantastic but CRAZY week!
I decided to show you only some of the make-over rooms we did, otherwise you would start thinking my house is a disaster!! This is what we ended up for Josh. Not a whole lot done, but you can see a clock on the right side of his bed, so he can start learning how to tell time.

Hailey had buckets and buckets of Lego's everywhere on the bottom of her closet, so I bought some boxes with clasping lids so we could organize them by color. Needless to say two of them are still mixed and it took a really long time.

Here is my little "Dancing Queen" out in the water (Avery)

Here is my Audrey, it looks like she has Hailey's lazy eye in pictures!

Hailey brought her best buddy Julia, and they stayed out in the water all 4 hours!

Here are all 5 of the kiddos having a blast!

This is where you will always find David and Avery..wherever the food is!

This is my mom when she went snorkeling with David and Hailey. Thanks mom for all your help, I couldn't of done it without you!! Love you, and can't wait to see you in October!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Family Reunion Take 2

So here are some pictures from Hailey's camera. She went to Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, plus visited family in Chicago and Utah, BESIDES fishing in Minnesota. She had a good time, but I think a month was too long for her to be away, at least I know it was definitely too long for me to be without her! Sorry it took so long to post. My mom has been here since Hailey got back, and we have been going room to room cleaning out and re-organizing. I will some makeover pictures to follow! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!
Hailey still showing interest her first love at heart..HORSES!!

This is Jim's side of the family, their first stop on the trip in Sacramento.

This picture is a little blurry..but you get the idea. This was on their way through Wyoming.

Hailey made some friends along the way....

Mt. Rushmore with Papa and Grandma.

Here is the whole gang that could go for the Sobek Family reunion in Minnesota. (Minus me and the little kiddos)

David, Hailey, Grandma and Uncle Mark.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th Celebration

For the 4th of July Schofield Barracks puts on a big display of food, games, a band and of course fireworks. It is a lot of fun! We headed out early and spent $30.00 on tickets, so the kids could ride some of the rides. It lasted about an hour, and then we decided to take in some of the sights. We came home for some much needed rest, before we headed back for the main attraction.."Smash Mouth" was performing and David was really excited to see them. The girls and Josh were dancing and having a great time. We came home to a neighborhood street bash with our own fireworks to light up and enjoy, before the big display started at 9pm. It was a fun, but long day. Of course, it included melt downs and tired cries, and the occasional boo-boo, but we will definitely do it again next year! Hope everyone had a great 4th, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!
Audrey at the petting zoo..(yes, they had one there)

David and Audrey enjoying the classic Hawaiian shaved ice

This was the only ride Audrey would go on, she would attempt the bounce houses and some of the big blow-up slides, but once in, she would come right back out. On this ride her smile was beaming from ear to ear! Sooo cute=-)

Look at my Avery busting a move!! She takes after her brother for sure!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Family Reunion Part 1

David's side of the Family had a reunion in Minnesota. As many of you know Hailey flew to LA and traveled with Lesa and Jim across the states to get there, David on the other hand couldn't take a month off of work, so he flew straight there last week and got home last night. They were in the North Woods at Elephant Lake, which is north of Orr, Minnesota; only a few miles from the Canadian border. His brother and his family flew there, as well as Lynnette and her family. The cabins seemed beautiful, and David said the sun didn't set until almost ten o'clock at night and was bright as day at five o'clock in the morning! They caught a ton of fish, and apparently Hailey is a natural at it! Of course a reunion wouldn't be complete w/out some mishaps! One being my little Hailey tried to dive in 3ft water and cracked her tooth and managed to scrap her chin and upper lip. Hailey will have a lot more pictures from the whole drive back and forth, but here is David's part. Enjoy!