Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

Today was the ward's Easter Egg Hunt.  It was at a really cool park, where they had face painting, egg drop game, a cotton tail game, and of course hunting for Easter eggs.  The kids really enjoyed themselves, and it was such a beautiful day.  A good time was had by all:)

The face painting was courtesy of their older sister Hailey.  Josh got a really cool snake going up his arm, but he would not stop for me to take a pix.  The Young Women were doing all the little one's faces:)

New House

We FINALLY got a house! We have had a rough start, but after some deliberations, we were able to get one!  The housing market is crazy right now, it is INTENSE for sure, but we have been blessed.  We got a great location; and the amenities are amazing!  We are really excited, and ready for our new adventure:)  Here are some photos of what the carpet will be, the counter tops, the laminate in the bathrooms, and the porcelain tile downstairs.  There is also a picture of the house outside colors, and the house. It is the model in "Spanish".  Our house is the "traditional" style with brick in the front and a porch.

Above is a picture of the laminate in the bathrooms upsairs.  The big tile square is what the flooring will be downstairs.  Below is the cubbards in the kitchen and bathrooms, and the paint is what the walls are.  The tinier square is what the baseboards will be, and the darker square is the marble in all the bathrooms for the countertops.

Below is a picture of the outside colors.  The roof is on the bottom.  The green is the shutters and the front door.  The cream block in the middle is the stucco color.

Below is the picture of the granite in the kitchen.

These last two are of the property.  We are on a cul de sac that they just started breaking ground on.

Mormon Battalion Center

We went to the Mormon Battalion Center over Spring Break with all the cousins.  It was really cool and very interactive for the kiddos.  Josh was chosen to be the honorary "soldier".  He got to dress up and be a part of all the action!  We had a picnic after in their park area. It was really neat to be with all the cousins again! It was a great way to spend an afternoon:)

Josh's 1st Den Meeting

Josh had his first den metting where he earned his Bobcat badge, and a couple of belt loops!  He was really excited.  Since he just started scouts back in November, we are still learning all of the "ins and outs".  It was a little roudy with all these boys there, but fun for him none the less.  His favorite part was after they get all their stuff, they get to pick a cheer for the croud to do.  Here are some photos of all the action:)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Josh Scout Camp

Josh had a scout day camp today, and David was able to go with him. They had a blast! Between archery, making swords, canoe racing and just all round goofing off, Josh came home to say he wants to do it everyday:) David took some great pictures of the event. A total of 10 boys went from our ward, a great turnout!!!