Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Craft #2

I am excited I did this, and it was super easy and fun:) I have wanted bins/hat boxes for the kids' art projects and such that they bring home from school. But to my surprise, I have not been able to find any that I liked. (We have no Ross here) Hobby Lobby had some boxes pre-decorated and cute, but way to much (about $19.99 a box). So, I decided to decorate some myself. I found the bins I wanted after a day of looking at Kmart. ($4.99 including lid), and I had all the other supplies. I used glitter glue and permanent markers for their names, and then let the kids decorate the other three sides. They turned out better than I thought, and the kids were eager to help. It was a win, win:)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Kansas City Zoo

Although we have been to the Zoo numerous times, there were still things we have not experienced yet!  My Mom hasn't quite been yet, (She was once for twenty minutes in the FREEZING cold during December, and we left.) so we decided to check it out together.  They have a Sea Lion show and a Soarin' show which we got to see.  They were really neat, especially all the tricks the Sea Lions did, and the bird show had a lot of exotic birds that I have never heard of before.  The kids were enthralled to say the least!  It was a lot of excitement to take in:)  They also FINALLY extended the Tigers exhibit, and they now have a lot more room to explore. (It was really quite pathetic what they had before.)  I also FINALLY got some great pictures of the Polar Bear!  My mom was so surprised at how much he puts on a show!  He really knows how to work a crowd:)  I am so glad we bought our Zoo annual passes, it has totally paid for itself.

Chuck E Cheese

Since the girls' B-day is after my Momn leaves and two days before school starts; we decided to celebrate early with my Mom here.  They have never rememebred going to Chuck E Cheeses before (they were infants afterall), so when we got there, they did not know what to do first!  Audrey decided quickly that she did not like playing the games and collecting the tickets, so she opted to ride all the rides with her tokens.  Josh and Avery picked up quick on which games gave out the most tickets, so they kept playing thoses.  Grandma, Hailey and I kept trying at Let's Make a Deal, to see if we could win the 50 tickets from our case!  (No such luck).  They loved the dolls they got from Grandma, and were happy with all the fun and excitement we experienced throughout the evening.

Legoland KC

They just recently opened a Legoland, and Sea Life Park here in Kansas City; so when my Mom was visiting, we decided to go with the kiddos.  It was fun, but I have no problem crossing it off my bucket list and never going again.  It was a fair price, AND indoors which was the best idea yet; but it was not very big, and you could definitely be done in 3 hours.  There was a miniature town of Kansas City that they built, and a re-enactment of The Wizard of OZ which was pretty cool.  They had a 4D movie which the kids liked because they got to wear the glasses.
Overall the kids LOVED it, and that is what matters in the end.