Saturday, December 29, 2012

Josh's Baptism

Josh got Baptized today and it went off without a hitch!  Josh and a boy from his class John were baptized together, and it was such a blessing to me to share the burden of planning (and all that entails) with someone.  My girls, plus John's cousin and sister sang "Families can be together Forever".  We practiced, and practiced, and practiced, but all my girls got stage fright standing up in front of other people, that they barely sang in a "whisper".  I started to cry during the 2nd verse of the opening hymn, being so overwhelmed by the spirit.  His friends came from his class, and some of my favorite friends from the ward showed up to show their support.  It was fantastic.  Lesa and Jim gave Josh some new scriptures, and Lynnette sent him a CTR tie, plus his Angel Moroni tie tack, he looks like he is ready to go on a mission!  I am so thankful we were able to share this special day with such great friends and family:)

Christmas Blessings

Lesa and Jim came in on Saturday the 22nd, and we have been on the go every day!  We went to the movies, went bowling, Josh's baptism, baking, shopping, BESIDES Christmas and the New Year.  We are anticipating snow for Monday and that is when they are scheduled to fly home, but Lesa would love to see some significant snowfall and go sledding with the kiddos:) (we have had some snowflakes yesterday for a couple of hours, but not enough to stick).
Here are some pictures from some of our last adventures in Kansas...
   How handsome does my Joshy look??

Josh got a spare, can u tell by his facial expression that he is super excited?!?!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


This is what we first woke up too this morning!  It snowed up until about 9 a.m.  We could not even see out of our windows when we first woke up:)

We were very excited to get snow today!  Especially since we are out of school, we were desperately hoping that we would be able to play in some before we moved, and our wish was granted:)  In some places it is over 8 inches, David couldn't even touch the ground because of all the ice underneath..but in most areas it is maybe 3 inches.  We have the perfect snow hill right behind our house, and the kids got to go out and enjoy playing/sledding/rolling/snow ball fighting out there.  Other kids in the neighborhood joined in, but at a nippy 22 degrees WITH a wind chill, you really cannot stay out there for too long! The kids have changed clothes probably 4 times already, and are still going strong!  We are expecting another snow storm on Christmas Day when Jim and Lesa are here, and I can't wait to have a white Christmas! Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

School's Out

This past week at school has been filled with parties, sing-a-long's, warm wishes and sadly farewells.  It was my last day at Eisenhower, and it really broke my heart to say goodbye to all the wonderful, beautiful people I have grown to know and love.
 Now that school is out, we are preparing for the move, packing, cleaning, last minute doctor visits, and most importantly...FAMILY!  Yes, David's parents are coming to visit for Christmas and Josh's Baptism.  It will be Crazy but fun:)
 The kids are going to miss their teachers, as well as all their friends but they are super excited to be near family:)
Here are some pictures from our last day of school for 2012.

 Up above, Josh looks like he is scared of his teacher, then below; when asked to take a picture all of these girls wanted "in"...Ummm, I don't know if this is a prelude to what is to come or what!??!

This is Mrs. Walsh's class, I cried when asked to take this photo...

Up above from left to right..Mrs. Black (principal), Mrs. Webking (Vice Principal), Mrs. Sack (Councelor), and Patsy Herrig (secretary)

My two favorite teachers..Mrs. Wlash (above) and Mrs. Todd (below)

 Mrs. Brown (below) she is the one who got into a terrible car accident a few months ago and broke her wrist...