Sunday, August 28, 2011

Soccer Game Experts

Starting New Again!

Even though this month has been full of surprises, unexpected adventures, and more$ spent, we DID NOT account for my computer crashing! After having a neighbor look at it for two days, we have come to the conclusion that somehow, someway, my hard drive crashed and their is no way to get all my photos back. Our last resort is for David to disconnect my hard drive and get a connector to the new computer and access my pix. that way. (it is called a slave drive, it might not even work). Anyway, $450.00 later, I have a new computer (laptop). Besides spending almost $2000.00 to have David's new car shipped to our door in Kansas, I would say we are already in the hole, and technically haven't even started yet!!!! the movers are coming tomorrow, and so the next chapter of unexpected's will happen yet again...such as life I guess. I had so many pix to post on this season's soccer too... ARGH! Very frustrated, but what can you do, just keeping swimming, just keep swimming, as Dori would say; trying to focus on the positive:)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to You X Two!!

Yes, my girls' 4th birthday was today! They had a little b-day party at the Burger King here on post last night. They had fun with all their friends and I loved all the cute little things they got! I was pleasantly surprised by how much they actually APPRECIATED their gifts! They were thanking everyone before moving on to the next. I am in awe sometimes on how old our kids can act, but yet still be so little at the same time:)

This first week of school flew by, we only have six weeks left, so I am hoping it will go pretty fast/smooth as well. (Hey, I can dream can't I?)

I hope everyone has a great new school year and looking forward to all the stories my kids will come home with from school:)

Look at how big their smiles were here when we started singing to them:)

Then this one below they covered their cute:)

Monday, August 1, 2011

First Day of School 2011

Here are Hailey and Josh on their last "First day" in Hawaii. Hailey was nervous, it was also her first day to ride the bus. They sure do grow up fast.