Saturday, June 18, 2011

Operation Purple

Hailey had the unique opportunity to go to camp here on Oahu at a place called Camp Erdman YMCA. For two weeks out of the year they hold what is called "Operation Purple" for military families (their children). It is 6 days of non-stop fun! These are all pictures she took while she was there. She had so much fun, and created a TON of new friends and memories. We missed her terribly (this was the first time I had no contact with her for almost a week!) I was able to send her e-mails, and see pictures the camp took, but she was not allowed to call or write back. Among the many activities they had planned, her favorites were the archery, the swimming, and Military Appreciation Day. They had all the different divisions in the military come out and do different things with the kids. These are almost all the pictures she got to take. (they weren't allowed to take their cameras on everything) I am so glad she got to do this. It will be something she will always have to remember as a little "Independence" she had while she was here in Hawaii.

This is when we got home. As you can see she is very tired, I am glad she had fun but I sure did miss my pumpkin:0)

Friday, June 10, 2011

I got a NEW job!!

Notice the NEW is capitalized because let's face it, we already are Mom's, wives, caddies, housekeepers, playmates, referees, etc., etc., etc. But, after going through our finances and discovering that we will lose COLA (Cost of Living Allowance) moving back to the mainland, and having to use a HUGE chunk of our savings for the move (the military re-emberses you after you pay out of pocket first). We decided that if I got a job, we could save as much as possible, plus the bonus is I can are you ready to hear where? I got a job BACK at Chili's:) I am actually really excited about it. I knew I had the experience, but I was worried about my availability. They didn't seem to have a problem with it, and were so "honored" (as they put it) to have someone with so much experience on their staff!! I feel very blessed for this to happen and hopefully it will ease our minds when the move and all that goes with it comes along:)
So...let the re-training begin! My Mom is also coming out for 10 days on Father's Day and unfortunately, I think that just falls into play when the training starts, but with a little luck, and wishing~we should still have a great time, with what time we will have together! Have a great week everyone:)