Saturday, January 31, 2009

Family Time

Well, this past week was a great vacation away from the daily grind. We had Grandma and Papa Sobek come for Hailey's baptism; and stay for eight days! It was alot of fun! Here are some pictures from our BIG excursions out:

This was when we went to see Pearl Harbor:

This was at the Dole Plantation:

These FEW pictures do not even begin to describe how beautiful and spiritual the Polynesian Culture Center was:

Next, David took his parents and Josh on a hike down to this lighthouse, the views were spectacular!


On the last day of their visit, we went Whale Watching, unfortunately, this is as close to a whale as we got, and I my stomach did not take too kindly to the rifts and currents of the boat! Luckily I didn't turn green, or throw-up, but man, note to self, never do that again!

Finally, right before they left we took a picture with the grandkids, and Hailey was very upset that they were going!

There were over 200 pictures we took during this week, I only put our fav.'s on here. I hope they know how much we appreciate and love them dearly! We are now awaiting any new guests who would like to plan a visit out here!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hailey's Special Day

Yesterday Hailey was baptized! It went well, and turned out to be quite emotional for David and I. The twins had plans of their own, but overall I am so proud of my Hailey, and the decisions she has made in her life! I will post later on all the pictures and sights we saw with Jim and Lesa here visiting. David's surgery is tomorrow so say a prayer for us!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Love my Pipsqueak!!!!

So I seem to get the best pictures of my kids when they either just awake in the morning or when they are just about to go to bed. In saying this, today my twins and I were getting ready to go get Hailey from school; so I got the stroller out and came inside to put Avery in it. They both were throwing clothes from the dryer onto the ground. When I came back in to get Audrey, this is that I found.

I thought it was the cutest thing I ever saw!!!! I can't figure out how her little body climbed into that but she is too cute to be mad at! Anyway, it made my day, so I had to share with you all.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year, New Problems

So far this year has been anything but quiet! We are vigorously trying to put Hailey's Baptism program and such together. We are trying to get David's surgery scheduled. (David has to have surgery on his umbilical hernia. It is growing and causing him a lot of pain.) It is a simple surgery, and supposed to be an in-out procedure. Hospitals still make me nervous. Then there is our house in Phelan that we are trying to rent/sell/get rid of!!! Plus all the little things like be a MOM, wife, pizza delivery girl, getting Josh into a pre-school, and OH! My in-laws are coming to be here for the baptism. Did I mention that this New Year is hussle, hussle, hussle??? Hopefully by February, we will be able to relax!!
On a good note, I have one New Years' resolution that I have kept thus far...Not drinking caffeine (soda). I LOVE Pepsi, but alot of places sell Coke, so I'll drink that too, so this year it is all 7up or A&W root beer. It has been rough, but that goes to show you how much I depended on it. We'll see what other adventures will be happening this year.