Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Infamous Powder Display

O.K., This might of been cute when he was 2 but not when he is almost 4 1/2 years old. Josh had a little buddy over that he met at pre-school. I've started carpooling with his mom, and so Josh had a playdate. Anyway; I left to go get hailey from school, and David was in charge. Needless to say when I got home, this is what I found....
Anyway, we keep plugging away....hope everyone is still alive and well!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Children's Safety

So David and I have decided to get the girls these "Child Safety Restraints" so that way they have a little bit of freedom, but at the same time, they are close to you. Since we have two of them it is harder to keep them by you at all times. This has seemed to work out pretty good, they have learned quickly that it is either the stroller, or the backpack.; and I have gotten some positive feedback from mother's when I drop Josh off at pre-school. Well, yesterday Hailey had a book swap at school, you bring however many in, you get that many in return. Anyway, I only took Audrey with me because she was the only one awake. We can walk to Hailey's school from where we live, so I put Audrey in her little backpack and off we went. Lo and behold there was this atrocious WOMAN (that is the nicest thing I can say right now) walking her dog. She says, and I quote "Look, we are both walking our animals". I stopped short and looked at her and said "Excuse me?" And she proceeded to say " Well that is how you are treating her, those are called leashes you know!" My mouth dropped. I didn't know whether to slap her, or cry. I then said "Obviously you do not know what it is like to have children of your own, and I always want to know where mine are at all times, this way my TWINS are next to me, and safe from people like you!" and I hurriedly went off before I said something ruder like a cuss word or something. Anyway, I can't get it off my mind. It really bothered me, so I am asking for your opinion on these contraptions. Isn't the whole point of these things is so your children don't run out in the street if you are pre-occupied? After all, I ONLY HAVE TWO HANDS PEOPLE!!! Sorry, I am getting defensive... but what some people don't realize is when you attack a woman about her parenting skills; you are asking for it.

I personally think this is a SAFE option for parents who have more than one little one that is curious. I have learned from my Josh so to speak, we had too many close calls with him, that I like to be extra cautious with my twins.

O.K. my venting is done, thank you for reading ladies...I hope I didn't offend anyone.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two DIFFERENT little peas

Our girls had their 18 month check-up yesterday, and we still can't believe how different these two are!! Audrey is still under 20 lbs. if you can believe that! Our nephew that is only three months old weighs in at 15 lbs.! Avery is over 23 1/2lbs. She has beaten her brother by 3 lbs. when he was her age. Here are some more photos of our two VERY different munchkins!

My name's Avery and I have a lot of hair. I like to look and point at everything. I like to wear shoes ALL the time even to bed. I laugh a lot, my mom and dad say I am going to be just like my brother! I LOVE to get into things, especially eggs, the toilet, and anything I can get my chubby little hands on! How can you not love me??

Hi! My name is Audrey. I am finally growing hair. I smile alot except for when my mommy makes me take off my shoes. Then I can get upset. (see picture below.) I like to be tickled, and I don't get into as much as my sister. I whine alot so I can be held by my mommy or daddy. I hope my hair keeps on growing, so my mommy can put it up like my sister's. I am glad my mommy and daddy love me!