Sunday, August 30, 2009

why me?

So I know this has happened before, but I swear it has never reached this magnitude! The past three days the twins have been fighting taking a nap...and as a result, they have fallen asleep in random places. So today, I put them down, and went about my business of picking up, laundry, etc. I FINALLY did not hear anything upstairs and thought, they were asleep. I already had checked on them 4 times to change poops, take away toys, etc. But then I heard a yelping from their room, I thought what could it possibly be this time?
Not only did it look like it snowed in their room, but this time they managed to get a hold of the destin, and not only put it in Audrey's hair but on their faces! They looked like little geisha's!!!
I didn't even know where to begin on washing it out. I tried her hair twice, before I dashed downstairs to grab the laptop and look it up. Come to find out Dawn dish washing liquid does the trick. You have to mix it with a lot of water ahead of time, so your not forever and a day in bubbles, but at least it got it out in two more washes. I had to use more conditioner than normal but at least that part is it is the cleaning! Oh! and did I mention I walked into a little puddle of pee, because Avery took her diaper off AGAIN! (notice the little bottom in one of the pix). My poor Audrey's scalp was so red after scrubbing it so much, and her face was so upset she got redder than a tomato!
Here are some photos of my latest disaster.....

And when it is all said and done, Audrey plops out on the couch...UMMM when is it my turn?

Friday, August 28, 2009

May the Weeks fly by...

So these past couple of school weeks have gone by really quickly. Whether it be the long days for Josh, the after school activities, the job (s) that Mommie now has, etc.,etc.,etc. It just is long busy days! It makes me appreciate and miss the slow "dog days of summer".
Nothing really new to report. Josh is having about an every other good day at school. Wednesdays are his favorite day because he gets out at 12:30p.m. and has asked thus far, to take a nap before soccer! Hey, I'm not complaining.
Hope everyone is getting back into yet another school year and enjoying what some of you have (which is peace and quiet) while the little ones are busy learning =-) On our street right now, the aviation brigade is getting ready to deploy starting today..little by little our block will be "fatherless" for about a year.. (so sad). (It is about every other house on our block).
Miss everyone terribly and next month is my brother's wedding, so we will have lots, and lots of pix to show then! Have a great rest of your week.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Floors

I am really excited about the floors we got. It is called "planked wood". It smells so fresh and new! It isn't the real thing, but anything is better than what we had! Here are some before and after photos. It feels so much better to walk on, plus it adds a lot of color to the rooms, instead of just white, white, white. Hope everyone is doing well.

This was when they sanded it down...

This is a closer look at what the tile/linolium looked like

This is the hallway before...

This is Josh's room (it was picked up, but he took a nap)

This is Hailey's room after

This is the hallway after

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back to the Daily Routine...

Josh started school this week, and he is trying his very best!! My little guy has a hard time "keeping his hands and arms to himself", so we have been working on that. The school implements a "red light, green light" stategy in the classrooms, so Josh gets in his homework folder a red, yellow, or green light. (He colors whichever one his teacher tells him he was for the day). The first day he got a yellow light, (he wasn't happy about circle time, he wanted to keep playing). Wednesday and Friday he got green lights, so we were very proud of him! They also do "warm fuzzies" or "cold pricklies" and Josh now knows the difference. (we have been working on this as well). I really like his teacher, she seems very PATIENT with the kids and for that I am grateful. Everyday before they go home, they can get one of three things: a hug, a high five, or a thumbs..Josh always wants all three!! Did I mention how much I LOVE my only little guy?!?!?!
Next week Josh goes everyday ALL DAY, so that will be interesting...when he gets tired, he tends to go downhill pretty fast! Hailey of course got a good teacher as well, I just laugh because both of my kids have teachers that are hard to pronounce this year!!! (Josh and Hailey can say them, I still can't pronounce one of them correctly).
I hope everyone has had a productive week, and we are getting new floors upstairs! I will post before and after pictures..that is a long story in itself, but would it seriously be anything else, when you are dealing with "chaos?"

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Off To The Beach We Go...

We went on Friday to Ko' Olina..they are these man-made lagoons and they sure are
beautiful!! The water is crystal clear, and you have a small current of bath temp. water slowly taking you out to sea. There is a large net in the water on one side of you, and a rock wall on the other prevent large fish, seaweed, and waves coming in. You get the beauty and feel of the beach without the worry of drowning, and getting bit! It was perfect for the kiddos, and it was even a better day for the family. We were there for almost 4 hours, and if it wasn't for soccer, we would of stayed even longer! The only downside was my little Audrey got burned pretty bad on her little face! I thought I was on top of it with the sunscreen, ( I applied it twice) but apparently SPF 30 is NOT enough here.
We even got little miniature cupcakes to seal the deal! It was truly a very fun and rewarding experience for all of us. My girls had a great memorable birthday =-) Besides the sunburning..which all of us got but my two little "indians" Hailey and Josh, we had a great family day. Enjoy the pictures, and Monday Josh starts his first day of school, more pictures to come!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Little Peas Turn 2

Well i can't believe it has been two years since I had my little peas, time in most cases has definitely flown by and we have yet passed another milestone in our more infants or babies for us. They have hit the "terrible twos" by storm and on good days we only have one temper-tantrum and one bout of "mine!" or "NOOOOO!!!" (gee, wonder where they have learned these words from). Audrey has been our nosy little one, she always asks "whatcha doin'?" and she will help you pick up if she sees you doing it..she is also the first to hide when it is nap time or bed time;she can fit in the darnedest places! Avery is well...JOSH! She is calm for the most part, but if she doesn't want to do something, (like bedtime) she will shake her head back and forth vigorously and say "No" louder and louder until she has literally thrown herself on the ground into a tantrum. She will be the first to ask for "juice" she will say "tank ouuu" (thank you) and "yeaaahhh!" usually if it is related to going outside or food; She loves to cuddle and Audrey just likes to be involved in whatever anyone else is doing, where Avery enjoys just sitting in you lap and being loved. They definitely have different personalities and are developing them everyday. We love them to pieces and I miss the days when they would just smile and eat and sleep. (It was less nerve-racking then!) It melts my heart looking back through these pictures and seeing how much they have I am looking forward to them being Josh's age...out of the terrible two's !!
I posted a lot of pictures so please bere with me, but just to make it interesting, I didn't label some of them to see if you can guess who is was hard for me at first too =-) So take a look at then and now!
There b-day isn't until Friday and we are going to the lagoons, so I will have more pictures then..have a good rest of your week everybody!!

This is my brother and the girls

My mom bought these as p.j.'s but I think I just found her next halloween costume..she does not want to take them off !

This was taken just yesterday.. I can finally fit her hair in a ponytail =)