Saturday, January 22, 2011

When You're The Best of Frineds...

My girls are too cute. I have caught them on several occasions sharing a laugh, a hug, even a kiss or too. Granted they fight a lot too, but most of all, they just love each other. The picture on top is my favorite. I was brushing their hair after bath time, and their new saying is "comb softer mommy!! comb softer!" So, as they tried consoling each other, I actually had a camera on hand, so Voila=-) Here is another occasion of them actually S.H.A.R.I.N.G. It is funny how kids will know the meaning of that word some days, and others look at you with such perplexity!

Friday, January 14, 2011

All in a Nutshell

Since the New Year has begun a lot has happened over here for the Sobeks! First off Josh started Basketball for the first time and loving it! Hailey has been doing JPO and actually won an award for JPO student of the Month for excellent community service!! Awesome job to my Hailey bug=-) The twins are active and alive as ever, loving school and making messes is their specialty. David is still on days and we have some potential places to go..crossing our fingers it is in the summer, but it might just have to be in the winter. We put in a request to "curtail" for the summer, but we won't find out for another couple of weeks. (it just means we are requesting to leave early, usually people are assigned to other units when they leave ahead, but David being on the medical side, you are not attached to anyone).

The picture up top was when we went out to celebrate some friends' b-days. It was a lot of fun, we went to Gordon Bierch at the Aloha Tower. I am also proud to report that my working out is paying off, and I was able to fit back into those cute jeans!

We have had some incredible hurricane like weather here this month. My kids had to wear pants/jeans everyday to school this week which is rare. We actually had thunder/lightening. A lot of flooding, and downed power lines, houses lost due to mudslides because of it. At one point they didn't even deliver mail or pick up trash due to inclement weather. Here is a clip from our backyard.

I was trying to catch the lightening..but you only see a little bit. The rain comes down sideways and the wind picked up for the first time (since we've been here). It reminded me of back home=-) BTW the little blurb of the rainbows in the kitchen was of the girls interpretation of how to make one..did you notice one was in a circle with all the colors mixed and one was a rainbow, but the colors weren't in order. Too funny that my girls are so opposite!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Resolutions, and Blah, Blah, Blah.....

I think this New and Wondrous year ahead will only promise what I give it in return. So with that in mind, I fore-go resolutions because A. I write them down and forget about them..B. Will be gung-ho and then stop half-way through with a written reminder that I failed. C. Have new things to worry about and decide that particular resolution was not worth it to do/try in the end. SO....

1. I promise this year I will not yell at my children 1 less time a month

2. I will try to read my scriptures more

3. I will TRY to spend less (at least think about what I am buying..need versus want)

4. Instead of seeing things from my point of view, try to see them from someone else's

AND.. in return I promise to be more optimistic/appreciative/and more deserving of my Savior's love.

There...that is my New Year's/ New Life's achievement/goals to work on....

I genuinely hope that everyone makes this New Year better than the last; progress is always a step forward not backwards.