Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thanksgiving, Here We Come!

I am  VERY, VERY excited to have some company for Thanksgiving!  Since we have been PCS-ing with the military, as many of you know, it is hard to connect with family members for the Holidays.  Consequently, we have not had anyone for Thanksgiving for 5 years, until now.  My Mom is coming, and I am beyond excited.  It will be a fast trip, but it will be worth it!  Just think, someone else will be here to shop with, cook with, and help put up all the Christmas Decor!! I will post pictures after our 5 day non-stop adventure.  I hope everyone has a safe, festive, and wonderful Thanksgiving with family and loved ones; for I have MUCH to be thankful for:)

Monday, November 12, 2012


Josh turned 8 today, and I am so excited for all his new adventures that he gets to partake in.  He gets to be baptized, and be in scouts. Whoo-hoo!  He is definitely growing up fast and going head first into everything he encounters thus far. He had a pretty darn good day, with his favorite breakfast, and then presents; followed by a bowling birthday party and MORE presents...I have one spoiled little dude!  Since Josh wears his feelings on his sleeves (like his Mom), I think you will see what he liked best by his facial expressions in the pictures:) 

 Audrey just made a strike....

Please excuse the horrendous yellow wall....

From left to right: Kionna, Vinni, Chance, Josh, Blaine..

As you can see, everyone had a really good time!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This past weekend I was able to go to TOFW (Time Out For Women) in Phoenix, AZ with my awesome friend Kasey.  We have seriously had it all planned since February.  For those of you that don't know what it is; it is a convention put on by our church with some very motivated speakers, singers/songwriters, comedians, etc.  It is a day in a half event that (for me anyway) give you the motivation, strength, and encouragement to get through your day to day life struggles.  Plus, you get the added bonus of being with fellow sisters, and getting in some great laughs.  This years theme was "Seek the Good."  I loved it because a lot of the talks were given based on their failures they have come across along the way to becoming great successors in life.  They also mentioned a lot of famous people that you never would of known hit such turmoil in their life, before becoming what they were destined to become. I even got to meet AND get my picture taken with Emily Watts!  (Unfortunately it was taken with Kasey's phone because mine was not working, AND I left my camera in the hotel room, grrrr!)
After being spiritually uplifted, we went shopping, ate some great and not so great food; soaked up the hot tub, and overall enjoyed just hanging out with one another!  We also got to see the Arizona Temple, which I have never been too.  I cannot wait until next year, when I get the added bonus of being able to take Hailey since they will have a TOFG (Time Out For Girls) going on simultaneously:)  Here are some pictures of the Phoenix Temple since I only had my camera for this part of the trip. ( BOO!)
The first picture is of the back of the temple, and the other two are of the front...