Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun Filled Weekend

Yesterday was Hailey's end of the season soccer party. We had it at the pool here on post. She had a lot of fun, and of course so did Josh. (remember, swimming was involved!) Even though her team only won two games, she still learned a lot , and her coach Michael was an excellent source of knowledge. He was only 17, which is why he technically couldn't have his own team. So Kristie stepped up and took the assignment, and gave Michael the A-OK to coach and he soared with it! He has played soccer for 14 years of his life and 4 of those years was on a competitive league. This was his Senior project and he did a fantastic job! Hailey has learned so much from him and all his abilities.
Also yesterday we came home and helped our neighbor set up her water slide out front, so my kids were outside almost the whole day (the twins didn't come to the pool, just out front).
Finally, our neighbor is PCSing soon, and they have been clearing out their daughters room, and she has found a couple of princess dresses that her daughter used to play with. Audrey, of course would not take her eyes off of it, and ran inside as soon as she could to put it on. She looks so stinking cute in it!!! I think we may have a new Halloween costume on our hands since she refuses to take it off.
Today is the Primary program so Josh and Hailey are excited this morning. We hope everyone has a nice weekend. I have let/am letting everyone know that after today, I have officially declared myself in hibernating mode!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Avery had her surgery, and things were going as expected of a three year old to cope with new surroundings, a ton of medicine in her, and getting poked and prodded around the clock. But things quickly detiorated as the night-time came. David and I switched shifts in the afternoon, so he stayed with hewr,I came home and checked on the other kiddos. Made sure, homework was done, my cousin was ok, ordered pizza, ate, and then headed back up to what was hoping to be a mediocre night. Well, my little Ave had different plans....
Since she had been up since 4:30am we all thought for sure she would crash out sometime early afternoon, but much to our dismay she did not. Combine that with steroids every eight hours, not getting to eat what you want (she is a really good eater), and strangers coming in to TRY (notice the emphasis on try) to check your vitals, etc., etc. ,etc. The night was horrendous. She would not sleep until about 9:45p.m. and had to wake up at 10:10p.m. for more medicine. It went downhill from there. She cried, no wait; screamed and fought myself plus two nurses trying to hold her down. She spit it out once all over us, she slapped me, kicked me, threw herself on the ground, she even scratched at her eyes and neck, that it looks like she got into a fight with a cat! It was the worst night of my life. By 2a.m. I was crying my eyes out. There was absolutely nothing I could do to calm her down.
Needless to say, I think we got maybe a total of 3 hours of sleep altogether. By morning,we were able to get the medicine down better by pinching her nose, while one of us held here legs and the other nurse held down her arms. At least I know I wasn't the only one with a very upset child; whenever Avery wasn't screaming, our neighbor was. After much debate, (they tried to hold us for another day, because he wasn't taking her medicine). We got to come home, and things have been relatively better since. She is still coming off all that medicine, but I think she is better at home, after all, aren't we all?
Here are some BEFORE pictures, and a couple after, when Hailey and I went back to the hospital to relieve Daddy.

This was right before they took her back, they are trying to convince her to get up on the gurney....

She got a sticker for doing it, but not before her new favorite dolly did it and was ok..

This is one of the only pictures after when she was rockin' out with Hailey in the playroom

Saturday, September 11, 2010

So it Begins..

Today, Hailey did great at her game. Her team won and she played forward the entire game! Very proud of her. One of her shining moments was kicking the ball..the unfortunate part was the boy standing directly in front of her ready to block the ball, but ended up with it smack in his face! i wasn't fast enough with the camera for that one, but I did get some great shots otherwise. Both Hailey and Josh end the season next week. Georgiane (my cousin) is coming on Monday, and then begins my week and a half of appt., after appt., after appt. Not to mention my little Ave's surgery. In case you couldn't guess, she is the one on the top in the bath. Just a reminder of how precious she is to me, even though we have troublesome times ahead. Love and miss everyone. I will keep you posted with pix to follow with this ridiculous and "chaotic" week. (Our new nickname/ MY middle name). Enjoy the show!