Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hailey's B-Day Celebration

Hailey turned the big 10 yesterday, and so she had a couple of friends over to stay the night. I actually got creative, and sent them on a "digital" scavenger hunt right when they got here. They had to find things like orange socks, a spider real/or fake, a house decorated for Halloween, a head of garlic, etc. I even made her a Bridezilla cake and some marshmallow witches. Now I have never been creative when it comes to food, but I figured while not? Anyway, see for yourself with the pictures. Overall, a great time was had by all, especially with a grown-up kid dad that offered to "scare" them throughout the night=-) Enjoy the pictures!
The first three pictures are of Julia and Hailey setting up the garage and decorating it, it actually turned out pretty cool...
They made their own spider webs to give it a "better" effect...

The frosting was actually really hard to make it to the consistency I wanted, so unfortunately it didn't turn out like the picture, but hey, and A+ for trying right?

This last picture is the morning after..they all had this "dazed" look on their faces!!!

Josh's Kindergarten Parade

The kindergarten had their annual parade around the campus, and Josh's costume this year wasn't as original or as cute as his dragon last year, but he is Bumble-Bee and so was another little boy in his class. See if you can guess which one he is( before you see the masks off=-))
I actually got one this year with all of his class together.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Josh and I Out N' About

Josh and I went on Vacation to California, with a quick trip to Vegas for TOFW. It was a lot of fun! Honestly, even with 10 days, we didn't get everything in that I wanted to do!I was able to cross off some FOOD places I wanted to go to and missed like In-N-Out and Togo's. Plus, I have been missing Kohl's, JCPenny, Michael's and Jo-Anne's like crazy so I had to make it a priority to hit those spots=-) I got to visit with family and some really good friends, plus we went to Disneyland. I got to go to the Oak Hills Ward where we used to live for church on Sunday and see some old friends. We then went to the San Diego temple, which was really emotional for me, I haven't been in over 2 years, so that really meant a lot. For my mom's birthday we were at TOFW in Las Vegas, and that was extraordinary! The speakers were fabulous, and thanks to Kasey we got some really good seats. Afterwards my mom and I went to the Donny and Marie show on the strip and it was sensational!! I am so glad I got to spend her birthday with her! Here are some pictures from our memorable vacation=-) Oh! And FYI~that picture up top is from my camera!! I actually took a good picture, doesn't it look like a postcard??

This was at our old ward in Phelan with Robin and Kasey!!

These were some of the characters we saw during their parade at Disneyland

This is Josh and his cousins having fun with their Light savors

This is Josh with his other cousins Maeby and Ellie..too cute=)

This is in Las Vegas, my good friend Kristina came over to visit me in our Hotel

This was me and my mom on her birthday in Vegas at TOFW

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Weeks Go By...

We have been dog sitting for a neighbor down the street, and un-be-known to me, this dog is going to be hard to let go. His name is Joker, he is a Jack Russell Terrior, and he is very easy-going, and my kids well~ they have been attached to him the moment he got here! He especially loves sleeping with Hailey, and even though there was one mishap the first night-(he jumped the gate to the kitchen and stole a whole pizza box of the counter to eat it). He has been the best dog ever!! Here are some cute photos we have been able to snag....
I am also very excited to be coming home next Friday!!! We have everyday booked. Just me and my little man. We are hoping to see as many friends and family as possible, with a quick trip to Vegas for the TOFW tour. Plus on a special note, it is my mom's birthday and I get to share it with her=-) There will be more pictures to come for sure! Enjoy your week everyone!

The girls thought it would be fun to try and sleep where the dog does!

This is the only way they will sit down, is with Joker with them!!