Tuesday, June 22, 2010

8 years

Our Anniversary was today, and we kind of spent it a little un-orthodox. David worked last night AND is "on call" tonight so he slept most of the day, and I decided to take my "little man" and myself to the water park. It was a lot of fun. Our friends and I have season passes so we paid all of NOTHING ( always an added bonus)to spend a day in the water! Here are some cool shots of Josh splishin' and a splashin' till the park closed. David and I will spend an Anniversary night out on Thursday right before I have to take him to the airport. (He is going for a "Sobek" family reunion in Minnesota. He even gets to see Hailey which I am jealous about, I miss her like crazy!! Posts to follow)
Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

This ride I do not like, it twists and turns..the more weight, the higher/faster it goes down this tunnel, at times you feel you are going to fall right out of it..Josh of course loves this ride, you see him here DYING to get out to go on it again!

This ride is my favorite, you go flying down these tunnels and come out gliding across the water, it is so much fun, they caught me as I cam barreling out and I was about to fly past Josh (the more weight the faster you go)

Here is Josh, just doing what he loves best..SMILING!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Potty Training or BUST!

Yeah, I know the picture up top is "Oh, soo cute" but these little devils know how to drive Momma crazy! I have tried potty training two separate times but to no avail. These little stinkers do not show a lot of interest in this thing called a toilet. But oh how it would make mommy's life so much easier! Instead we take off our diapers when we feel the wetness and/or poops. We know diapers are cold and wet, but we still want to torment our mommy!
Help!!! I have tried "bribery", I have tried the "pretty, pretty princess underwear", I have tried following them around for a couple of days with just a shirt on, and making it a "party" when they sit on the toilet. If you have any ideas PLEASE share!!
I am going to have them potty trained by the end of the summer or I am going to die trying!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010


My Josh had surgery this past Tuesday, and he was definitely a sight for sore eyes. My little guy was so teary eyed at the thought of going into surgery without one of us, so I got to go in, and be with him as they gassed him..(they in-abated him and put an IV in after they gas them with anesthesia). I was really anxious for it to be over to say the least. It took about 45 minutes, and then the real fun began! (can you sense my sarcasm?) He was so drugged that he had no idea I was even in the room..he kept screaming for me, and I was trying to soothe him telling him I was right there, and he wasn't comprehending anything..my poor, poor little guy. Throughout the night he was throwing up, and our biggest concern was keeping him hydrated. I actually am glad we had to stay the night in the hospital because I would of been concerned every time if throwing up was a normal side-effect or not. Anyway, we got to come home the next day, and it happened to be David's B-day as well, so we had a culmination of events happening in one week. We are on a soft diet for him for 2 weeks, and drugs every fours hours for 4 days and then longer stretches in-between after that. Oh! and I almost forgot to mention the next day (Thursday) Hailey left for a one month long road trip with the in-laws from one side of the states to the next! This week is definitely one for the books!