Sunday, May 31, 2009

Surgery Update

O.K. so I have been limping around like a cripple for about a week and a half now, and FINALLY am starting to feel some relief. I was actually doing great the first three days after surgery, but then last Sunday night, I was hurting, and the next day was even worse. (They say it is because the anesthesia was out of my system by then) What was the most horrific day was Thursday however the day after I had another ultrasound done. Parking at Tripler is terrible, and I literally had to hike up the small side of the mountain (pushing my twins in the stroller mind you)I lost my breath and this poor soldier asked me if I needed help, and I couldn't even answer him, I just nodded my head! Anyway, in my appt. they had to push every two inches up my leg to make sure there was no blood clots, and that the veins were working o.k. Needless to say it brought tears to my eyes. Other than that, I will be wearing this ace bandage up my leg until next Sunday,and I should look wonderful!! I hope everyone is doing good and thank you for all your thoughts and prayers, we are truly blessed by such great family and friends.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Swing My Worries Away

O.K. I am a new HUGE fan of craig's list. I know, I know, where have I been right? But seriously it is THE coolest and fastest way to sell/buy stuff I have ever found! For those friends of mine who have tried to show me the light on garage sales, this is even better! Maybe it is just where we live (on a military post), but families around here move so much, that there is constantly a great selection/need for things all the time! I bought that swing set you see Hailey and Josh on for $30 bucks!! You can't see all of it, but they threw in a baby swing with it, plus it has two regular swings like what Hailey is on. I also have sold things fast! Granted, some things are pure trash, but all in all, I have to say I am totally impressed and hooked on how simple, fast, effective and easy this new system for me works!

Friday, May 22, 2009

May Day Celebration

Hailey had a presentation at school today for something they call "May Days". On the islands (I believe, Fiji, New Zealand, all the Hawaiian islands still take part in this) On May 1st the islands celebrate by opening their "doors" to allow guests and trading to start among the different islands. They celebrate with an all day feast, and a royal court dancing and performing. They have an 11 yr. old girl as the Royal Queen and she usually does a ceremonial dance of her own. Obviously it is past May 1st, and the island has been celebrating all month. Needless to say Hailey has been very excited, and her whole school did a performance for it..a representative from the senator's office and other political figures came and sat under a tent for "honored guests". Here are some photos and her video favorite part is when David was video taping it and someone walked right in front of him! I was sad I couldn't be there, but luckily David stepped right up to go and watch her, (unfortunately the video wouldn't download, we tried=( .Here are a few captured moments....

Hailey's class waiting to perform a dance called "I Ku Mau, Ulupalakua"
try saying that ten times!

Royal King and Queen arriving for the celebration...

Wendy and Nathan waiting to see their little Queen=)

The Kindergarten classes performed "Sassy Little Myna Bird"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Little Precious Peas

Usually when we go to check on our little "peas" they have a leg touching each other, or an arm across the other's back, etc. But tonight I had the rare pleasure of seeing them in Audrey's bed! It was too cute to pass up, so I grabbed the camera, and this is what I captured on film!
These are the moments I hope I never forget...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Just take a breath

This week has been one CRAZY week! Besides trying to get the girls bottle free, sleeping normal in new beds, cleaning my house, (or lack there of), helping out at Hailey's school (did I mention I was on the PTO board?)..I just found out I have to have surgery on my left leg. I wanted to have surgery because of my vericose veins but I didn't realize that was indeed that bad and "needed intervention" (as the doctor put it). So, my surgery is next Thursday! It came on really quick and kind of sudden, and became VERY overwhelming. I am missing my family and good friends that are always there to help in situations like this, but thankfully Heavenly Father was looking out for me (as usual!) and everything seems to be worked out as far as children/school pick-up/etc. Hopefully everything will go as planned, and my leg will look like I was 18 again! So think of us next week and keep us in your thoughts and prayers, we definitely need ALL the help we can get.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Today I got this really cool sand/water table for only $10 on Craig's list! We decided to test out and the kids' loved it! Here are some pictures of our new adventure!

Avery, Josh, and Hailey having a good time...

Avery's caption is "As long as there is food, I'm good!"
My little Lone Ranger
Josh trying to transfer water from the table to the pool.

Bottles, Bottles we are done with thee!!!!

I am happy to report no more bottles! We had them for longer than usual, and I knew it would be hard to break them of this habit, but yesterday we just threw them out, had a little ceremony of sorts, and VOILA! they are a thing of the past! I am looking forward to no more sippie cups, diapers, blankets, etc., etc., etc. But for now, one step at a time as the saying goes, and hopefully this will only take about a week to adjust...Avery is having a harder time falling asleep without one, and Audrey will not drink the milk from it, but I am hopeful that they will break down in the next couple of days, and drink regularly from the sippie cups. Wish us luck!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Wanted to wish all my friends and family a very Happy Mother's Day, and thank my family for what is starting to be a very nice weekend. I found this on the table yesterday morning, from my hubby and kids, so thank you my loved ones for thinking of me! All of us mom's deserve a very relaxing and pampered day!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Ghost????

So yesterday was a pretty hard day with the twins. Why is it whenever you have something to do, that's when they decide to NOT go along with their normal routine? Anyway, Avery woke up with the snottiest, runniest nose I have ever had to deal with! It literally was all down her face, covered her mouth, on her sippie cup, all over her blanket, everywhere! Then they both proceeded to have the poopiest diapers all day. Not to mention all the things I had to do yesterday. Anyway, I was telling David what happened, and he said "Maybe she was slimed by a ghost." I laughed for seriously at least 5 minutes. Just thinking about it makes me giggle! Anyway, if I get to have a good laugh like that everyday life can't be THAT bad!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

I just had to post this picture because the story behind it is even cuter! We were playing hide and seek. (The twins, Josh, Hailey and I) and on one turn we couldn't find Ave..we looked and looked and lo' and behold she was wedged in between the couch and the window asleep! I couldn't believe it! I'm sure it is because of all their "exploring" they are doing in their rooms without being confined to cribs. They just aren't getting the sleep they need, so she had to catch up somehow!