Sunday, February 27, 2011

Family Time-Out

This past weekend we went on a family outing. It was totally unexpected and so much fun! We went to Manoa Falls, and to Barber's Point. We of course had a couple of catastrophes along the way, but who doesn't when they have kids? Avery walked only about 5 ft. before she tripped and skidded up her knees, so she didn't walk AT ALL on this hike. Manoa Falls is a beautiful hike through the Rain and Bamboo Forrest; and it is .80 of a mile one way. Needless to say our little trooper was Audrey, she wanted to hold her " Hailey's" hand the whole way up. She stuck it out all the way there and back walking with us, and even if she slipped here or there, she did a great job at picking herself back up and trudging along. Josh was excited to venture off on his own, as he was our "leader". Afterwards, we ended up going to the beach at Barber's Point, w/out unfortunately realizing they had no showers until it was too late. My buddy was Avery, she didn't want any sand or water touching her knees. All in all, it was a day full of memories, and lots of pictures to boot :)
Enjoy, and have a good week everyone!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Trikes

The girls got some new trikes to ride outside, and well they will not get off of them! They like having their "OWN" things once in awhile, and they are loving the little bit of Independence we have given them. Sometimes I think they are growing to fast, and other times I wish they were older! here are some photos of their new "coveted toy".

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Bear Cats #4

Josh had his first Basketball game today and his team did surprisingly well! They were the home team, so they wore their jersey on the white side. (I am learning this as I go, so Basketball jerseys are reversible for home/visitor team) They play 8 minute quarters, with a minute in between and a 5 minute halftime. He got to start and they have 5 players on at a time while playing a FULL court. It was interesting to say the least! Josh was into all the running, (gee, what a surprise) and he even got the ball a few times. There are three players on the team who have played before, and needless to say they dominated the game. Josh was among the other 5 that..well..just wanted the ball, and wasn't quite sure what to do with it once they got it. I am glad they didn't call on NO dribbling, because I think everyone was doing that. All in all we were winning the game all the way until the two minute warning, and then they scored twice to make the final score 12-8. They tried their very best and in the end, they seriously were dragging their little feet to the benches.
A+ for effort, and better luck next time Bear Cats!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jump Rope 4 Heart

Hale Kula Elementary had a Jump Rope 4 Heart today, and you could donate $ to support the cause. Needless to say, it took a HUGE amount of effort to come up with $2.00 for the kids. (Mainly because I forgot). Josh was soooo sad that he didn't have his dollar, until I surprised him and showed up right as they were walking out to the parking lot. Here he is jumping his little heart out=-)

In case you were wondering, I did not get Hailey jumping because she says she is not very good at it, so she didn't want to.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We're Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo How About You?

This past month has been pretty hectic, but we managed to squeeze in some fun here and there! Since David got passes to the Zoo again, I decided to take my girls (minus Hailey) for a day of it. It was pretty mellow, and I must say they were tired when it was all said and done! For those of you who are wondering, NO we haven't heard anything new about where we can go, but we have had three "Yes's" as to being able to leave this summer, so let's hope for the best=-)

The peacock actually turned around for me, and they finally got Lions back at the zoo.

All Audrey could talk about was she wanted to see the "giraffe, giraffe, giraffe". So when they had one that you could sit on, her and Avery climbed right up and posed!

This was their treat afterwards. They wouldn't even look up to take a pix. you would think they were thirsty or something?!?!??!
These next couple of pix. are just random of some projects the kids had to do for school this past month.
Hailey had to do a Biome on a specific rain-forest. David helped her (of course) it turned out terrific!!!

Josh had to do a "100 day" project for school, and he chose Popsicle sticks. I love how it turned out!