Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We're Moving Part #1

I think there will be A LOT of additions to this whole moving process, so I am numbering them for my own joy and relief once it is over!!! We have established three things so far.
A~ we are flying home (LA/Southern Cali.) for 3 days in order to drive to Kansas. In which we incurred a HUGE dilemma over the 2nd car business. (Where to ship it, when to ship it, timing a rental car, etc.) It has become a huge pain in the neck! Since the military will ship 1 car, we are shipping the van to L.A. where we will make the trek to Kansas with four kiddos in tow. (Just so everyone is aware, NO this was not my first choice.)
B~ the kids' last day of school is Sept. 16th. We will check out of housing on the 19th, and stay downtown in Waikiki for two nights when we fly out on the 21st.
Finally C~We are shipping Household goods, before unaccompanied baggage because we get Aloha furniture on this end(apparently you do not get this accommodation everywhere). That way our furniture will be there when we get a house.
PHEW!!! That is just the beginning...wish us luck:)

Monday, July 11, 2011

We're Moving!!!

We just got the word last week, we are moving to Fort Leavenworth Kansas. We are very excited to be back on the mainland, and within driving distance of family. We have a lot of planning to do as many of you know, so here we go on a new adventure:) I really do like change, it is the timing, and planning of it all that can get overwhelming (as many of you know). David has to report for duty on October 10th, so we are planning on arriving their September 28th. That is all we have planned so far. Hopefully with a little luck and good ideas from all of you, we can have a better experience than last time!!
I am really looking forward to shipping costs going down for us, the cost of gas, groceries, and most of all SEASONS!!!! (Besides seeing family within a two day drive is always a plus:))
I will keep you updated on all the luck and/or bad decisions along the way!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July

Our last 4th of July here on this beautiful island was a lot of fun for David and the kiddos. I unfortunately had to work a double, so David took them to the festival/carnival here on post. They got to ride the rides, and see all the action up close! They came home for a break, and then met up with some friends from work (David's work) and got front row seats for the fireworks! The kids are still talking about it, so I am grateful to David for making it memorable for the kids! These pictures are my ATTEMPT at trying to get a family shot before we started the day, and as you can see it went from ok~to~not so good in a matter of 10 minutes. The best shot was of the five of them walking away down the street! (shown above). I hope everyone got to spend "America's Birthday" with family and friends!

This was the all my "picture takes" outside, I did not realize that Hailey was upset due to hair issues, and the sun was in everyone's faces, not to mention how HOT it was already!

Attempts #1-5

Friday, July 1, 2011

Mom's Visit

My mom was here for 10 days and it seriously flew by. I already dreamt that we were just picking her up at the airport instead of dropping her off:( I LOVED coming home to a clean house and knowing that the kids would be well taken care of. ( As all of you know Mom's are so good at, and in my case MIL's too:)) You are the best, mom!! I had to train at work 5 out of those 10 days, and so the time we had, we tried to squeeze as much into it as we could. We had a couple of good/great days at Bellows, at the pool, watching movies, we even threw a garage sale!! I just wish as always it lasted just a little bit longer. Towards the end of her trip we realized we didn't even take one picture, but don't worry mom, the memories our implanted in our minds, and that is what is most important:) I am so glad you came and helped out as much as you did! I could not have done these past ten days without you:)