Saturday, March 30, 2013

New House

We FINALLY got a house! We have had a rough start, but after some deliberations, we were able to get one!  The housing market is crazy right now, it is INTENSE for sure, but we have been blessed.  We got a great location; and the amenities are amazing!  We are really excited, and ready for our new adventure:)  Here are some photos of what the carpet will be, the counter tops, the laminate in the bathrooms, and the porcelain tile downstairs.  There is also a picture of the house outside colors, and the house. It is the model in "Spanish".  Our house is the "traditional" style with brick in the front and a porch.

Above is a picture of the laminate in the bathrooms upsairs.  The big tile square is what the flooring will be downstairs.  Below is the cubbards in the kitchen and bathrooms, and the paint is what the walls are.  The tinier square is what the baseboards will be, and the darker square is the marble in all the bathrooms for the countertops.

Below is a picture of the outside colors.  The roof is on the bottom.  The green is the shutters and the front door.  The cream block in the middle is the stucco color.

Below is the picture of the granite in the kitchen.

These last two are of the property.  We are on a cul de sac that they just started breaking ground on.


MikesDork said...

I am so happy for you, but sad for me.. I was still rooting for the HD!

Julia McIlquham said...

That looks like a BEAUTIFUL house, Mrs. Brandi! That is an awesome house!

Trina said...

Very cool, Brandi! Congratulations!