Sunday, May 30, 2010

Last Day of School

For Hailey and Josh's last day of school they wanted me to take pic.'s of them with their friends. Josh had a "water fun day" so you will see him throwing water balloons, and going down a slip n' slide. Hailey's last day was a bit more traditional. She had a pizza party after a discussion on "Charlotte's Web" which they have been reading this last quarter. In Hawaii, the grading curriculum is.. well.. unique. I personally don't like it, they go by a "GLO" system, where they are given ME's, MP's, DP's etc. (Meets to exceed expectations, meets proficiencies, difficulty on proficiencies,etc) basically, there are no "letter grades" in elementary school here. What is also tricky is that they do not have the classes listed, for example, Hailey got a MP in "critical thinking", and a ME "spelling grammar". It is actually quite confusing, and to me not an accurate way to "grade" someone per say, nor when we move to the mainland, I don't think other schools grade this way, do they? But, her teacher did tell me that her "Lexile" reading level when she started 4th grade was rated at a 2.3 (2nd grade third quarter) reading level, and now she is at a 4.2 (4th grade 2nd quarter) reading level. She came up almost 360 points. So a big "Hooray" for Hailey!! I now officially have a Kindergartner and a BIG 5th grader=-) Have a safe and fun summer everyone!!

Hailey and her teacher Ms. Matsukawa..

Hailey and her "BFF" Julia..

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MikesDork said...

How fun for them. My kids have 4 more days of school. The grading systems are retarded here too... you should rememnber. We get 1-4's. I guess a 4 is an A, 3 is a B, 2 is a C, a 1 is a D or F??? Not really sure either. Oh well! Remember elementary school grades don't really matter anyway!