Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PCC Field Trip

Josh's Kindergarten class when on their final field trip of the year to the Polynesian Culture Center. It was a lot of fun. The park was closed to the public, so it was neat to see the little kindergartners there from all over the island. They got to see Tahiti, New Zealand, take the canoe tour, and watch the IMAX movie (HIGHLY not recommended to see the Polynesian Odyssey with little children, VERY inappropriate, especially coming from the church, they should know better!!)
It was really cute to see Tahiti and watch them try to teach the little kids how to dance! For those of you that know Josh~he LOVES to dance, and of course he was the first one to volunteer is talent..tongue sticking out and all=-) the canoe tour was my favorite, they didn't have all the commentary like they do when you are on a "tour" instead they told you facts about every building, and when Fiji, Tahiti, and New Zealand became a part of the PCC etc. The only "downer" of the day was the horrible show they decided to play. It has been in the past, a film on the coral reef and how it is being polluted, etc. Well, this time they decided to change it up a bit and play something they haven't shown in a few years. Gee, I wonder why! The very first scene is of a woman giving birth, and Josh exclaims "Mommy, that baby is bleeding, why do they want to hurt the baby??" and he started to cry! It gets even more graphic as the movie goes on for 50 minutes!! Afterwards the teachers commented on how disappointing that was, and wished they had their 50 minutes of time back to do something else.
Overall it was a pretty good day and a nice way to end Josh's first year of Kindergarten!! Enjoy the pictures!

Isn't he tooo cute??? I love my little guy!!!


MikesDork said...

I would write a complaint about the movie Brandi... you did not tell me how bad it was! But it looks like Josh had a fun time dancing!

Rosalia said...

Thanks Brandi. I'm finally almost done with the nursery. It looks so cute, I'll take pictures of it and post when I'm all done. Gosh how I wish I could go to Hawaii just so I can go to the Polynesian cultural center. It looks so cool.