Friday, July 27, 2012

Kansas City Zoo

Although we have been to the Zoo numerous times, there were still things we have not experienced yet!  My Mom hasn't quite been yet, (She was once for twenty minutes in the FREEZING cold during December, and we left.) so we decided to check it out together.  They have a Sea Lion show and a Soarin' show which we got to see.  They were really neat, especially all the tricks the Sea Lions did, and the bird show had a lot of exotic birds that I have never heard of before.  The kids were enthralled to say the least!  It was a lot of excitement to take in:)  They also FINALLY extended the Tigers exhibit, and they now have a lot more room to explore. (It was really quite pathetic what they had before.)  I also FINALLY got some great pictures of the Polar Bear!  My mom was so surprised at how much he puts on a show!  He really knows how to work a crowd:)  I am so glad we bought our Zoo annual passes, it has totally paid for itself.

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MikesDork said...

great pics Brandi!