Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter #2

So the day before Easter the neighborhood had an Easter Egg Hunt. (sorry so late for this post) Here are the kids having fun. They had face painting, egg hunting, games, and food. This event seems so long ago considering..At least the kids had SOME SORT of Easter fun before tragedy struck. Enjoy the pictures!
Here is Audrey; she would not let go of her basket if her life depended on it!
Up top is Josh being a big helper, and down below are their faces..Audrey is a bunny, Hailey a wolf, and Josh the sun!!
Here is Audrey catching on quick to all the action...

Avery was totally content just playing in the water, David found a Jackson Chameleon.. it changed colors like four times!! Pretty cool...

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MikesDork said...

it makes me cry to look at the kids! They are getting so big! I miss you guys so much! Give all the kids a big hug for us!