Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tis The Season

Well, well,well...Christmas time is upon us, and what would that mean to the Sobek's without some Chaos thrown into the mix as well?  We are M.O.V.I.N.G....Let me start from the beginning:
  Back in August about 2 days before school started we had a plan.  David heard rumors that he was going to be getting out around March 1st.  (He did not re-up with the Army.) His 6 year contract was ending then, so we decided that he would go ahead of us back to home of record. (California)  We were told it would be no problem for the rest of us to stay in housing because we would miss the rush of students for the ILE course.  So, that was the plan.  He FINALLY received orders in November.  We started making the rounds of calls and scheduling things.  Lo and behold there is a glitch with housing.  They put the paperwork up to higher management to confirm, and yes, we are unable to stay because we are "turning civilian".  They said they do not rent to us, and after much discussing it was unfortunately to no avail.
  So after my crying episodes, we had to re-adjust our plans.  We are ALL going back home in January.  I am deeply saddened to leave my wonderful job, and the kids' fabulous school.  We are going to be staying with David's parents until we can find a house to purchase.  David thankfully has a profession that should land him a job pretty quickly.  So much for a plan huh?
Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers:)

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MikesDork said...

I am SOOOOO excited that you are coming in January! I know you are sad, but it is all in the Lord's time :)