Saturday, June 2, 2012

Talent Show

Hailey decided to participate in Bradley's talent show this year, and I was very proud of her!  She had four girls in her group, and they practiced really long and hard for their 3 minutes in the spotlight.  I was disappointed in some of the other musical tastes that some performers chose.  They had bad language and inappropriate gestures in alot of the performances.  I was surprised a school would allow it, but apparently it was ok.  They did a really good job coordinating outfits and trying to keep to the beat of the music.  They were the first ones of the day, and set the bar pretty high in my opinion:)  We are so proud of Hailey and all her accomplishments.
I had someone else take pictures, while I videotaped, so they didn't turn out as great as I had hoped...


I tried to download the video twice, but since it is 4:01 minutes long it will not accept it:(

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